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Gun Control

Gun Control While Governor Leavitt was in office, there was an effort led by a citizen group to more strictly control guns through the legislature, while on the other side of the issue, there was a grass-roots group that wanted to be more liberal on gun control.  At the time, the National Rifle Association and its affiliate, the Utah Shooting Sports Council, had a strong presence in the legislature as well. Because of this, among Governor Leavitt’s staff, there was talk to try to find a middle ground on gun rights that they could connect themselves to. For some time there was discussion to do something with the issue, to push controls that would be acceptable to the Shooting Sports Counsel and others, but in the end, it was not pursued. In the legislature the grass-roots effort fell on deaf ears, and while there was some serious talk internally, a plan was never developed. Additional Information NRA Endorses Leavitt For Governor. The Deseret News. September 5, 1992. https://spcoll.li.suu.edu/eadfiles/Xe1kcH8BnM5_0W5sJ69V/ms122NW19920905a.pdf “Gun Control” Isn’t a Nasty Phrase in Utah Anymore. The Deseret News. September 29, 1993. https://spcoll.li.suu.edu/eadfiles/Xe1kcH8BnM5_0W5sJ69V/ms122NW19930929.pdf S.L. Council Passes Gun-Control Measures. The Deseret News. October 6, 1993. https://spcoll.li.suu.edu/eadfiles/Xe1kcH8BnM5_0W5sJ69V/ms122NW19931006.pdf S.L. Couple Takes Up Fight for (more…)


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