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Project Prologue

The Olympic Games and Public Safety

The XIX Olympic Winter Games were awarded to Salt Lake City on June 16, 1995. Staging the event involved thousands of employees and volunteers, and required a budget of around 1.3 billion dollars. The events involved more than 2500 competitors from close to 80 nations, thousands of officials, and others from around the world. The seventeen days of the games were viewed on television at various times by over 3 billion people. Media coverage was provided by 9,000 accredited and over 4,000 unaccredited media representatives. Two million spectators came to view the games. The Games had an enormous amount of importance added after the terrorists attach of September 11th. The world watches with anticipation and worry about the security of the Olympics given the global worry over terrorism. The Utah Olympic Public Safety Command In 1998, the Utah Legislature crated the State Olympic Safety Command (UCA 53-12) to manage public safety and law enforcement planning and operations for the 2002 Games. For administrative purposes, the Olympic Public Command was made part of the Utah Department of Public Safety.┬áThe Commissioner of Public Safety served as chair of the Command and was the Olympic law enforcement commander for the State of Utah.┬áCommander (more…)


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