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Project Prologue

The Utah National Guard

From guardsman to Commander and Chief Former Governor Michael O. Leavitt served as governor from 1993 until 2003. This also meant that he was Commander and Chief of the Utah National Guard. Having served in the Guard as a guardsman in his youth, Governor Leavitt knew there were some things he could contribute as Commander and Chief to make the Guard more productive. Governor Leavitt’s service as a guardsman was a major influence in terms of the way he viewed the Guard and the job of Commander and Chief. When he was a guardsman he always used to be troubled by the fact that at every armory in the state the best parking spot was reserved for the Governor. He used to think, “What a waste!” What he can’t say is that he was the one that required it to be changed, but in an interview he stated, “I am pleased to know that it was changed. It was on my mind at the time. I thought if it hasn’t been changed I’m going to.” In his first Governor’s Day as Commander and Chief he reminisced the days as a guardsman when he stood in formation many times and waited (more…)


Michael O. Leavitt Center for Politics and Public Service