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Project Prologue

Hill Air Force Base

The Formation of the Hill DDO Committee In 1995 Hill Air Force Base (HAFB) was placed on the Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) list. The purpose of BRAC is to reduce unnecessary infrastructure in order to save money and better allocate Department of Defense resources. Major General Dale Thompson, Commander of HAFB, was very concerned about BRAC and the possible consequences to the Base. He shared his concerns with members of the Weber Chamber of Commerce Military Affairs Committee, in particular the Chair, Vickie McCall. As a result Hill/DDO ‘95 was formed and charged with defending and protecting the missions of Hill AFB and Defense Depot Ogden (DDO). Core members of the first committee included; Vickie McCall, a Realtor with Real Estate Exchange; Lee Carothers, Regional Manager of Utah Power and Light; Scott Trundle, Publisher of the Ogden Standard Examiner; Scott Parkinson, President of the Weber Chamber of Commerce; and Dee Livingood, President of Big D Construction. The Committee recognized the urgency and the scope of work that needed to be done and sought to broaden the Committee’s membership by recruiting additional members who brought unique talents and expertise to the table. It was also determined that to be truly effective (more…)


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