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Liquor Laws

Liquor Laws in Utah Utah’s statutory philosophy is to limit and control the availability of alcohol Utah is one of 18 control states in the country.  A control state means that the state has a monopoly on the sale of alcohol whereby it has the power to limit and control its availability.  During his administration, Governor Leavitt supported Utah’s philosophy as a control state, and he closely followed the statutory alcohol beverage policy of the state of Utah.  This policy provides that Utah will not promote or encourage the consumption or sale of alcohol, but it will make it reasonably available to adults who drink responsibly. The debate in Utah does not center so much on the basic philosophy of controlling the sale and consumption of alcohol.  There is broad acceptance of the need to control alcohol as a dangerous product, especially in the hands of minors.  The issue debated is mostly whether alcohol is reasonably available in Utah to adults, both residents and visitors, who drink responsibly. Utah’s laws, by restricting the availability of alcohol, reduce consumption and the related public health and safety costs A report entitled: “The Effects of Privatization of Alcohol Control Systems” prepared by Pacific (more…)


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