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Project Prologue

Youth Corrections

Canyon Lands Multi-Use Home – transferred to Youth Correction The Leavitt administration took office in 1993 from his election. One of the first decisions that came about as a result of Governor Leavitt being online was whether to transfer all youth serving facilities in the state of Utah to the division of Youth Corrections. The majority were already under the auspices of youth corrections. However, in Blanding, Utah, the Canyon Lands Multi Use Youth Home was run under the direction of Mel Laws who was a Youth Correction’s employee, but the facility was being funded by The Division of Children and Family Services. It was determined that the facility would be transferred to Youth Corrections. Governor CCJJ Cammille Anthony ­ Work option Some months later, in the beginning of 1994, discussions were being held because of the increase in gang activity and gang affiliations throughout the Salt Lake County area and in some smaller areas in the State of Utah. And it was determined by the Governor’s judicial staff, Camille Anthony at CCJJ and Gary Dalton and others that a work program would be important so that kids could be sentenced to an option of a community alternative other than (more…)


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